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Training the rider out of the saddle

The Equestrian Athletes Magazine is geared towards the education of the rider.  This magazine is for everything, but the horse.  There are many magazines out there that cover everything there is about horse training, but we are here to help the rider achieve success in their riding through training and knowledge out of the saddle.  This magazine is for the hard-working professional, juggling amateur, the busy mom, the time/finance managing student, and the over worked working student (and any combination imaginable). 
Articles will cover subjects such as fitness development, mental training, mindfulness, injury recovery, injury prevention, performance psychology, financial planning, time management, goal planning, law of attraction, etc.  These are the subjects that make or break an athlete, yet the equestrian athlete must search over many different publications and articles to master these subjects.  This magazine offers the “edge” in one place that is geared towards equestrian sport.  Our articles give the readers the tools they need to achieve.  We open doors to athletes that they did not even know were there.  Through self-discovery and self-discipline, each athlete will be given the opportunity to develop beyond their wildest dreams.

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Knowledge and Tools at Your Fingertips

Equestrian Athletes Magazine is an revolutionary magazine covering a wide range of issues and topics that discuss the development of the equestrian. This publication is the product of years of study and the collaboration of sports performance industry professionals.  Offering the equestrian of all disciplines a one stop shop for all information related to one's development in and out of the saddle.  Whether a professional rider, or not, riding is a lifestyle that must be managed in many different areas.  Let Equestrian Athletes Magazine help you find your balance.  Articles covering physical development, mental development, performance coaching, financial planning, time management, life balancing, injury recovery, goal planning, career management, and so much more.  Find the tools you need to sharpen your edge, all in one place!  Meet the industry professionals that can help further your success.  Discover the knowledge you did not even know you needed that will propel you into the next level.


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